MTA and their ridiculous sick policy. How taking sick days that you’ve earned can get you into a whole heap of trouble in Transit [Member Submitted].

sick pic

MTA employee’s earn 12 sick days a year but get disciplined if used according to a “pattern rule” that makes no sense.

Dear MTA,

You sent two letters to my home, one via certified mail and one via regular mail to inform me that I am now on sick control. According to you, I have a pattern of one or two day absences.  Continue reading

How much does the MTA really care about passenger safety? Just take a look at the nearest CCTV monitor to find out. Why your RTO union reps should ultimately be held responsible.


CCTV monitor at Sheepshead Bay on the B train is barely visible and contributes to an unsafe work environment for both, conductors and passengers.

Safety is a major part of train operation which relies solely on the train crew. Management states “safe train operation should be done from terminal to terminal”. With the extremely poor condition of most of the cctv’s in the New York Transit System, safety is often compromised. Continue reading

TWU Local 100 Blows Our $60 Million Investment to Subsidize Irresponsible Spending


Local 100 members may not be aware but Samuelsen and the gang sold our nest egg located at 53-11 99th St Corona, Queens, for a fraction of its total value.

The 150 unit building on 6+ acres of beautifully manicured land was sold for $17 million, 1/3 less than its future estimated value. $7 million went to fees and expenses and we were left with $10 million. In today’s real estate market, that’s a drop in the bucket. Continue reading

Dear transit workers hired after April 2014, your top pay STOPS at 5 years 90%. You can thank TWU local 100 President John Samuelsen for that.

new employees

New employees hired after April 2014 are stuck at 5 years 90% according to their contract negotiated by union Presidnent John Samuelsen

With MTA workers already behind in wages and struggling to keep up with the cost of living compared to other city agencies, waiting for 5 years top pay will be a struggle. Now  imagine not knowing you will reach top pay and the contract states exactly that. Continue reading

Former MTA President Joe Lhota says TWU local 100 President John Samuelsen has never negotiated a contract in his life. Why local 100 members need to be worried!


“Im not sure that the leadership of the Transit Workers Union knows how to negotiate a contract”. 

Those were the words echoed from former MTA President Joe Lhota during the 2012 contract negotiations with TWU local 100 President John Samuelsen. Continue reading

Why are local 100 contract demands so vague and misleading? Does this administration really care about what the members want during this contract year?

Who, What, When, Where and How is what came to mind when I first seen the contract demand sheets distributed by TWU local 100. Also, “who put this BS together”? Lets analyze local 100 contract demands and explain why is it flawed and misleading. Continue reading

Scratching the surface on women’s issues as MTA employees, but when is local 100 going to make management listen?

women in transit

Women in transit issues, concerns and safety should be at the forefront of TWU local 100 President John Samuelsen narrative and not the rear as practiced in recent years. Picture source: Daily News

There are plenty of statistics tracking the percentage of women in the workforce, their qualifications and their salaries. But the data doesn’t show us the whole picture. It doesn’t assess how women feel, how they fare in their day-to-day business, the challenges they encounter. Continue reading

MTA workers night differential rate has been the same for the past 36 years, but why?

night work

MTA employees overtime rate has been the same for past 36 years.

In New York City, our transit system operates around the clock. There are approximately 40,000 members of TWU Local 100 that keep the system running on a daily basis. Even though the majority of the members do not work nights and weekends, that time is still valuable. Continue reading