Local 100 TA Surface division chair caught stealing vacation time.

TWU local 100 members have $4,281.41 reasons to be mad at William “Willie” Rivera. Union members hard earned blood, sweat and tears pay for union reps salaries and vacations, in hopes they would at least be honest.

Mr. Rivera who currently makes $104,195/yr  in salary with the union, was seen online bragging about not paying the union back. The self proclaimed “tough guy” has also been caught online threatening union members, approaching members in the field with his henchmen in hopes of intimidating them, and even calling members derogatory names like “Tranny”.

There is no record available to confirm if  Mr. Rivera paid back the debt which is going on 9 years. There’s no telling as to what else Mr. Rivera has gotten away with as his malfeasance seems to go unpunished.

The paperwork of Mr. Rivera’s misconduct is attached below


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