night work
MTA employees overtime rate has been the same for past 36 years.
In New York City, our transit system operates around the clock. There are approximately 40,000 members of TWU Local 100 that keep the system running on a daily basis. Even though the majority of the members do not work nights and weekends, that time is still valuable.

Our members should be rewarded more for making that sacrifice, and not suffer with low night differentials rates. These are the rates below and have been the same for the past 36 years.

– Bus operator $1.40

– Cleaners $1.19

– Conductors $1.30

– Tower operator $1.41

That was a plus in 1980’s dollars, but in 2016 that’s gas and toll money. The same thing applies with longevity payments. These are the current amounts pictured. These amounts have been the same since 1990’s.


We need to ask ourselves:


  1. Why haven’t these numbers been increased?


  1. Why hasn’t any administration addressed this issue?


It’s time for an increase. What do you think?

– Jermell Wilson

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  1. Mta needs to be monitored federally! Too much corruption between Mta, unions, and politicians! That’s not to say the government isn’t corrupt, but maybe they would be like a big brother to the Mta and keep them in check !


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