What is the State Of Your Union? Rymina Cheytan an MTA train conductor under tier 6 lets her voice be heard. This is a MUST READ.

state of your union

Rymina Cheytan lets everyone know how she feels about her experience being a Local 100 member in our “State Of Your Union” section.

Dear TWU Local 100,

I am a member in good standing. Of course you know that. Your hand is in my pocket bi-weekly. With that being a fact, let me make one fact perfectly clear that you seem to ignore. YOU WORK FOR ME! Not the other way around. The union was created for the the people. I AM THE PEOPLE!

When a work related issue occurs, I look to my union represent me to resolve the issue.
I do not want google queens and winners of popularity contest. I demand to have access to union reps who are knowledgable in policy, procedure, contracts, and bi-laws. I demand union reps who will act in my best interest. I demand union reps who will file grievances in a timely fashion. I demand that my grievance be thoroughly investigated and researched. I demand a union rep that I can get in touch with.

My union dues do not pay for a rep that will leave me twisting in the wind until he or she feels like turning on or picking up their phone. I should not have to put your ass on Front Street on social media for you to correspond with me regarding a grievance. That is not effective communication. But if it has to be done, it will be.

TWU Local 100, you are failing me. I have no faith in you. I am paying for nothing. If I have to go into battle alone, what are you good for?! You are not transparent. Your dealings sell us out. Management can do whatever they want with no regard because you are weak and there is no fight in you. You don’t care about us.

You care about trips to London and other exotic places that some members can only dream of going. You care about your photo ops with people who look like you and not like me.
But the times they are a changing. It is time to change your function. By you thinking that members are not smart enough to see what is going on, TWU, you have been caught with your pants down and your ass out.

This revolution will be televised. Hope you’re ready for your close-up.

The One Who Contributes To Your Ridiculous Salary While You Don’t Do Shit To Earn It




– Rymina Cheytan

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2 thoughts on “What is the State Of Your Union? Rymina Cheytan an MTA train conductor under tier 6 lets her voice be heard. This is a MUST READ.

  1. I agree. There are some that work with you but more so than not, they don’t. When you have an issue, you need to know your options and need guidance, especially if you’re new down here.


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