Sick control and Pattern Absences explained.


How not to get on the sick control list.

Employees may be placed on the Sick Leave Control list if the employee has six or more undocumented absences in a year or a pattern of one or two days absences with less than 50 percent of their sick leave balance.

Pattern absences include calling out sick in connection with an RDO, scheduled vacation or holiday. Placement on the Sick Leave Control list is independent of the employee’s status on the 70/30 list.

Employees who are on the Sick Leave Control list are required to submit doctor’s lines for every sick day or partial day used, and they are not paid for the first day of sick leave usage. This can be burdensome, and expensive.

If you feel you didn’t meet these guidelines and was put on sick control, contact  union rep asap.

– From the desk of MTA Special Investigations


– Tramell Thompson

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