The MTA are sending restricted Conductors home without pay due to “no work available”. Why every worker should be concerned!


MTA full-time train Conductors are being sent home by management without pay when they are on restricted duty due to “no work available”.

MTA management is taking full advantage of the inexperience and lack of “fight” in the RTO department union’s representation and it’s on full display. Continue reading

Why are train crews treated like criminals when someone jumps in front of a train? See what former TWU Local 100 President Roger Toussaint has to say.


The MTA plays the game of “cover your ass” well, even if it means treating their train crews like murderers.

A comment on the report about the T/O who allegedly ran when he was being questioned following a 12/9 (man under) suicide. Like most normal human beings, it is completely understandable that he was probably already traumatized by the incident. Under normal circumstances, train operators are required to walk the road bed and do first identification. Continue reading

MTA 20 minute no lunch policy is flawed and against the law. Why TWU local 100 isn’t doing anything about it?


MTA doesn’t have a problem with train crews operating heavy machinery without having State mandated lunch breaks.

Unfortunately train crews don’t operate under 3rd rail power (even though that seems to go out sometime also), but we need food and recovery time to properly function. Now imagine going a whole 8hr + day without having a lunch break, welcome to Transit! Continue reading

The MTA seems to dump money everywhere except into it’s rank & file pockets. [User Submitted]



Dear MTA,

Let’s talk money. You don’t know money like I know money. The cost of living has gone up drastically. Everything has gone up but my check. As hard as I work, I am supposed to be compensated as such. Working on my day off should not be an option in order to make ends meet. Continue reading

How much time are MTA employees allowed off when they are injured or assaulted on the job according to the law?


Find out what the law states about how much time an MTA employee can get off for injuries on duty or assaults.

There is a lot of speculation and confusion as to how long an MTA employee can get off of work following and assault or injury on duty. The Transit Authority may pressure you to come back before your time and even threaten you with being fired, but one thing is for certain, the Transit Authority isn’t bigger than the law. Continue reading

The Discipline Manual… Something MTA management don’t want you to have! [VIEW ENTIRE DOCUMENT INSIDE]


What if you find out you were being mistreated by management this whole time? Did you know that management has to follow procedure and protocols also?

Now imagine a manual that explains how discipline is supposed to handled, the rights of the employees, how management is supposed to prevent excessive discipline etc… Well now its here and was hidden from the members for years! Continue reading