Study reveals how Transit work affects overall health. The prognosis isn’t good. Every MTA employee should read!


A health study chartered under the Roger Toussaint administration revealed some interesting findings regarding transit workers and their health.

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Is there an specific threat against the NYC Transit system? Check out the bulletin inside.



Police checking packages at subway station before customer enter the subway system.

As seen in the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013 you really can’t tell the difference between “suspicious” or “attended” packages anymore. Honestly in todays time, any package that is unattended should automatically be marked suspicious because no one really knows the content of the package whether it contains a bomb, bio or chemical agents. Continue reading

Elected union reps are highly uninterested as Samuelsen discuss strategic campaign for MTA contract. Members should be concerned!


As this years contract deadline is less than 5 months away, with negotiations slated to start in 3 months, TWU local 100 top officers and division chairs seemed uninterested in what TWU President John Samuelsen has to say about the campaign to bring us a great contract. Continue reading

Pay rates by title. MTA workers need at least an $10 raise this contract to keep up with the cost of living in the city in which they serve.


According to real estate website StreetEasy, “A New Yorker would need to make at least $38.80 an hour — or more than four times the $8.75 minimum wage — to afford the city’s median asking rent of $2,690, if the worker is shouldering the rent alone”. Continue reading