Did you know you can swap rdo’s? Information for Conductors, Train Operators & Tower Operators.


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MTA bus drivers have called in nearly 1,000 threats this year amid ongoing verbal abuse from passengers


Phinn once had to kick everyone off her bus after a woman threatened her life. (TODD MAISEL/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

Kelvin Burton, a bus driver for more than two decades, had a rough start to 2015 thanks to a brazen farebeater. Continue reading

The top 5 issues facing women at work.


Foundation poll reveals gender pay disparity and juggling work and home are the most critical issues for women working in the G20

There are plenty of statistics tracking the percentage of women in the workforce, their qualifications and their salaries. But the data doesn’t show us the whole picture. It doesn’t assess how women feel, how they fare in their day-to-day business, the challenges they encounter. And that is why the Thomson Reuters Foundation, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, embarked on a global task, asking more than 9,500 women across the G20 to identify the top five issues faced at work. Continue reading

The Line of Duty death benefit and the Local 100 Widows & Orphans Fund. How Samuelsen continues to fail the members of local 100.


As the subject of our TA/OA Line-of-Duty death benefit recently received mention, some background and update would be useful. The line-of-duty death benefit was establised in the 2002 TA/OA contract. Of course, Transit workers had been dying for decades, but, unlike the uniformed services across NY State and NYC, no such benefit existed for us.

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Building Your Financial House With Your Current Salary.



On our show Thursday night 9/8/16 we welcomed to the progressive action radio show Primerica Financial Services. I myself felt great about Regional Vice Presidents Marisa Priore and Jay Oliver, and Rep. Haron Wilson Surface line dispatcher from MaBStoa On the show because these are industry professionals that brought with them knowledge and education about how life insurance works, and also how to invest money. Continue reading

Major comparison between NYCTA, LIRR & Metro North, from salaries, ridership & operating budgets.


There are 3 things that need to be looked at in terms of pay in the next round of negotiations. Cost of Living Allowance, the New York State downstate adjustment for state employees, and comparison within the industry (LIRR, MNRR, etc.). However if rumor is to be believed, President Samuelsen will be “going for the money” this contract by asking for more…night differential

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The official “no lunch” grievance and its interpretation and why its AGAINST THE LAW for the MTA not to provide us a lunch break.


As conductors and train operators we all know that when you get back to the terminal with less than 20 minutes before your lunch period, you are entitled to a “no lunch”. This no lunch should actually be called “delayed lunch” because you are still legally entitled to a lunch.  Continue reading