Building Your Financial House With Your Current Salary.



On our show Thursday night 9/8/16 we welcomed to the progressive action radio show Primerica Financial Services. I myself felt great about Regional Vice Presidents Marisa Priore and Jay Oliver, and Rep. Haron Wilson Surface line dispatcher from MaBStoa On the show because these are industry professionals that brought with them knowledge and education about how life insurance works, and also how to invest money.

I can vouch for the company because I was a Rep with the company once upon a time as you can see and still a client.

In addition to marketing their products Primerica also provides an education on the different types of investment products, and the two types of life insurance. The rule 72 will blow your minds.

The main objective was to educate the members on the evils of whole life insurance, which is sold on TA property by Transamerica. Transamerica was let back on the property by this current administration.

Only done because the previous administration led by Roger Toussaint had them taken off the TA properties and of course to get the kickbacks. It is a better deal in the long run to have Term life.

Also the reps from Primerica provided in depth information on the 401k, 457 provided to the membership by Prudential. Some of the other investment products mentioned are Annuities, Mutual funds, Stocks, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 529 plans and much more information on retirement savings.

This is pertinent information that has not been provided properly to our members. Hopefully everyone that listens to this show will gain some knowledge about how to improve their financial situation, and set him or herself up properly for retirement.

This is especially important for Tier 6 members who received a bad deal from Gov. Cuomo. They need to make smart choices in the future to supplement their pensions.



– Jermell Wilson

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