Join our rally on November 10th at the union hall. Its time to hold our elected TWU Local 100 Union representatives responsible!


November 10th isn’t going to be bash the union day…

It’s going to be the day where we officially let our big brothers/sisters (the union) know that we’re tired of them getting beat up by the bullies (MTA)… Continue reading

TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen attacks mayor for not being “trade unionist”, but doesn’t hold Gov. Cuomo to same standard.


Why can’t the same or worse be said of Gov Cuomo? He imposed triple zeros on over 300,000 state and city workers beginning with the 230,000 strong CSEA under the threat of layoffs, a tactic he learnt from seeing how shamefully John Samuelsen caved to similar threats from the MTA in 2010. Continue reading

The Aetna Change and How the world of Health Care providers works


-There is no such thing as an “Aetna Plan”. There are multiple (low end, medium and higher end, if you will) Aetna Plans from which the MTA selected.

-The main object of the MTA’s exercise was to save money by re-shopping the coverage as they work their way to lower cost, lower end coverage. Unquestionalbly, the MTA went with what it thought it could get away with, bearing in mind that no one was watching the store.  Continue reading

The Progressive Action Cleaners Rally. A message from Joe Campbell.


The Progressive Action rally at 2 B’way yesterday was a testament to the growing frustrations of transit workers over the Governor’s and the Union’s inability to satisfy our dignity and respect demands from all departments. The theme was Cleaner Respect but we all can agree that everyone’s quest for respect begins with recognizing the lack of respect for our Union Brothers and Sisters in entry level titles such as Cleaner. Continue reading



Like stop and frisk, the MTA-TWU contract language is non-racial but the impact is racist. The overwhelmingly Black, Latino and immigrant new Cleaners were targeted by the MTA to receive only 60% of full salary the first year, while ALL others receive 70% of top pay the first year. All new workers now reach top pay after 5 years. Continue reading

More on Health Benefits Changes: Not just a foul, but criminal conduct – Roger Toussaint

Transport Workers Union President Roger Toussaint at TWU hea


I have been asked to further clarify the 2002 contract changes in relationship to our Health Benefits.

Firstly, it is worth emphasising that the 2002 settlement in this regard represented a powerful and unprecedented victory. No one anywhere in the labor movement talks in terms of Health Benefits as a “Defined Benefit” where the benefit itself is spelt out and has ironclad protection. Continue reading