Like stop and frisk, the MTA-TWU contract language is non-racial but the impact is racist. The overwhelmingly Black, Latino and immigrant new Cleaners were targeted by the MTA to receive only 60% of full salary the first year, while ALL others receive 70% of top pay the first year. All new workers now reach top pay after 5 years.

Formerly, all new workers received top pay in 3 years. The huge rip-off was used to pay for the meager raises of all other transit workers. Hard on young workers and families and completely racist! .

The protest was organized by the “Progressive Action” group inside TWU Local 100. The union sent several officers and staff.

In some ways we’re back to square one in the TWU. When I started in ’86, New Directions denounced the contract because Cleaners were punished – and Cleaners alone – by starting CTA’s at just 60% of full pay (I wrote a Station ND flyer about it in 1988!).

New Directions was founded on rejecting these racist, sellout agreements, sold on the backs of one group in the union. Now, here we are again – CTA’s vs everyone, new vs. old,, etc! Hopefully this rally will be the start of a real contract fight! for justice!

We can do it ourselves. Politicians that sell us out we don’t need, just ourselves and the rest of the working people. 

For many more days like today!



– Marty Goodman

Instagram: ProgressiveAction

Twitter: ProgressiveAct