One alarming number that seems to raise eyebrows is the July phone bill report which reported a $27,250.09 and the August telephone bill which recorded a bill of $67.793.99

What could have possibly caused the phone bill to jump $40,543.90 in 1 month? This is some people salaries in a year. With phone companies giving wholesale business breaks to companies on todays time, one has to wonder as to why TWU Local 100 accrued such a bill of this statue.

The summer months is usually the months where the union is considerably laid back, where little to no work is done during this time, why would a telephone bill accrue such charges when the union hall is pretty much empty?

We will be examining these financial reports further with more updates. Take a look for yourself and let us know what else do you see strange.




– Tramell Thompson

Instagram: ProgressiveAction

Twitter: ProgressiveAct

Email: ProgressiveAction100@gmail.com

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