How the TWU TA Surface VP and Division Chair are destroying buses – Member Submitted


The shit bus operators go thru on a daily basis because of these two clowns couldn’t defend our jobs. When I came on the job. U had the old timers tell u stories of their good old days. As a old timer myself there were things we had as bus operators that we don’t enjoy anymore because of clowns like JP and His Chauffeur.

Back in the day, when u picked a bus route example ( B24). That’s what u worked all day long. No Interlining. There were no artic buses in the system. When introduced to O/A it was to cut jobs. So if u had 120 buses all day on the BX42 with RTS buses.

Now with Artic buses you only needed 90 artic’s buses to do the job that RTS buses did. What was the union reaction to this. Oh MTA is Broke so we got them to give Operators.25 cent an hour more. Shifters.50 cent an hour more. So u saved 30 buses on the road. 30 less salaries and fuel and 30 less accidents and this is what you give back to bus operators. That’s not a slap to the face but a bat to the head of each and every operator that has driven or driving an artic bus.

Back in the day we didn’t pick for every holiday that we weren’t getting a AVA for. We did pick for xmas week. Whatever run we picked we worked on those days. Being that transit saw too many buses on the road on days with less ridership. They Tricked these clowns or sold our assess out. Now we lose money on those days and xmas week. Back in the day you could work all your RDO’s if u wanted or needed too.

Now we lose 26 WDO a yr And it’s funny how that came right after tier 6. So now you capping Bus Operators opportunity to make extra money. Another lost to buses. Bus cameras are used against bus operators not to defend them. Bus trek. What a waste of money. Shit don’t work and it’s not used to help operators. Get into a horrific accident and they will put up the data to FUCK YOU not to help U. And these famous BIKE 🚲 Lanes on bus routes. With all these issues that I’ve seen since 1996. We should be getting paid at least 40.00 an hour by now.

Instead look 👀 where we at as buses. I’m not disrespecting other divisions, each division has their own issues. Buses have a lot on their plate. If my car is registered too me and it’s parked and it’s involved in a accident. I have to report it to the MTA. I know I missed a few more. Buses is a whole different animal in this system.


–  Joey Vasquez

Instagram: ProgressiveAction

Twitter: ProgressiveAct



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