John Samuelsens “Dog & Pony Show” – Harry Wills


Our Union hand delivered the demands to the MTA. What was the purpose of writing them on sticky notes and attaching them on a wall at 2 Broadway? Is the expectation the MTA negotiations committee will come downstairs and read them on the wall? As stated on the Local’s website. It was for dramatic effect. Drama will not win us a contract. Victory loves preparation! It is painfully obvious zero planning was made to win a contract for the membership.

Time and time again, Samuelsen referred to the MTA Board as elitist. Do he really believe yesterday’s show had an affect on a bunch of rich people? He knows it didn’t. The show wasn’t for them, it was for the membership. The administration is pulling another banana in the tailpipe negotiations.

We need leverage! In any bargaining process whoever has the better leverage controls the session. Without leverage it’s not bargaining. It’s begging. Management has leverage because of the Taylor Law.

They are able to dictate how the negotiations will happen, by dictating negotiations must be revenue neutral. Which means, anything we receive we must pay for it! We cannot dictate anything, that is why we rely on shows. The administration will claim we have politicians behind us. Behind us is where they will stay. State politicians will never risk pissing off the governor.

The Governor control their funds. President Samuelsen. You need a team working to put our Union in a better bargaining position for the next contract, just as you should have worked on this one while you were negotiating (wink wink) the last one!


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One thought on “John Samuelsens “Dog & Pony Show” – Harry Wills

  1. Hey Scab MotherFucker y don’t u put Mooney on with your boss Roger? You know, the piece of shit cab driver who sold us out in 2005 like Mooney said?


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