Savior Of Cuts In Stations Dept. May Lie In This Federal Act.


With a projected completed roll out of the MTA’s new contactless fare payment system — OMNY by 2023 and the MTA’s 2019-2022 Financial Plan calling for booth reductions throughout the system; grim, bleak and uncertain are the words describing the sentiment many of the rank and file members within the Department of Subways – Stations Department are feeling about their future. Continue reading

MTA Engages In Unlawful FMLA Practices.


Throughout the Summer of 2019, depot management in the Department of Buses began posting a “policy” (pictured below) at various depot locations outlining a new requirement for submitting a doctor’s note upon returning from each instance of FMLA.

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MTA’s Proposal to Speed Up Bronx Buses Leaves Elderly and Low-Income Residents Stranded.


As part of the Fast Forward: Plan to Modernize New York City Transit initiative, The MTA released the Bronx Bus Network Redesign Draft Plan late Friday afternoon. The plan includes measures to speed up and provide more reliable bus service in The Bronx. The cost for this plan to work will be more than money, it will be at the expense of underserving many low-income neighborhoods and the elderly residents in the borough.

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Amidst Public Outrage, MTA Board Approves More Wasteful Spending.


On May 24th, 2019 many transit workers learned that NYCT had appointed a new FMLA administrator. This new company, WorkPartners will take over many of the duties performed by the BSC. Once fully live, WorkPartners will handle the processing of all new and open FMLA applications, answering any FMLA related questions and handle all FMLA leave requests, employees will no longer call their work locations but, instead will call WorkPartners, who will then notify your work location.

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Contract Talk: Lies. Greed. Misery.


Don’t be fooled by all of the media coverage. The MTA is far from broke. The NY Post recently published an article talking about how we need to giveback to the MTA by contributing more to our medical.┬áIn 2018 the MTA put together a proposed budget for 2019-2021. Within that budget, the MTA is banking on the union to accept 2% raises for each year to meet their expectations.

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