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TWU members lost a significant raise due to John Samuelsen stalling the 2012 contract negotiations and getting us a 5 year contract – Letter inside

In 2012 the MTA was offering us an 8% raise… When Samuelsen ran to Gov. Cuomo in 2014 to get us a contract, we got that same 8% that always been on the table… Which means local 100 members lost a significant amount of money and ultimately received 2 ZEROS because of Samuelsen being self serving.

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TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen exposed! ATU President Larry Hanley writes a fiery letter to TWU International President Lomabardo. [Letter Inside]

ATU International President Lawrence “Larry” Hanley wrote a scathing letter to TWU International President Harry Lombardo in response to Lombardo’s letter about ATU rep Ed Watt appearing on the Progressive Action show, where Lombardo seemed to be defending John Samuelsen.

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Local 100 President John Samuelsen went running to TWU International President Harry Lombardo about the Progressive Action Radio Show.

Wow ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 We are really making a big impact out here ladies and gentlemen in such lil time… People inside the local like what we’re doing but they just afraid to speak out!!! I’m cool with that as long as they keep giving me info like this to show Progressive Action that none of this stuff we say is made up!

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The Progressive Action Cleaners Rally. A message from Joe Campbell.

The Progressive Action rally at 2 B’way yesterday was a testament to the growing frustrations of transit workers over the Governor’s and the Union’s inability to satisfy our dignity and respect demands from all departments. The theme was Cleaner Respect but we all can agree that everyone’s quest for respect begins with recognizing the lack of respect for our Union […]