It’s time to pressure your elected reps into demanding ACTUAL negotiations for the MTA to have the right to use cameras in our operating cabs! (It’s not just the R211s anymore)

One of two inward-facing cameras installed in the locomotive cabin of a Metrolink train that was previewed at a press conference Monday morning at the Metrolink Central Maintenance Facility. The new Locomotive Digital Recorder System includes three cameras per locomotive. An outward-facing camera records activity in front of the train and the two inward-facing cameras record the control panel and human activity inside the cabin. All cameras and audio devices in each of the system’s 52 locomotives will be activated this week. (Photo by Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Everyone knows the Taylor Law as the law which prohibits public employees from going on strike. However, the Taylor Law (officially known and the Public Employees Fair Employment Act) also demands that most aspects of employment, with few exceptions, be bargained with the union in order to fairly balance the state’s need to ensure the continuation of essential services with the employee’s right to an equitable relationship with the employer.

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