Where’s our $25,000 hazard pay?

TWU Local 100 leaders “demanding” (begging for) hazard pay over a year ago in what was apparently a futile attempt at getting us the extra compensation we deserve

As of Sept 1, 2022 it will be exactly 2.5 years since the first case of the novel coronavirus was reported in New York City. Transit workers have not seen a dime of hazard pay to date, and the longer we wait the less likely it will be that we get anything at all. Grocery store workers, transit workers in other cities, and now healthcare workers in New York State have all received hazard pay.

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How do you spell “racist”? M-T-A

The MTA is looking to pull the old “okey doke” on NYC Transit riders. While it is not uncommon for the MTA to threaten service cuts in the face of a budget deficit, what they are attempting to do this time is incredibly bold, hypocritical, and unfortunately unnoticed by the mainstream media. The MTA is threatening service cuts (as well as fare hikes) on NYC subways and buses, while simultaneously planning the largest service increase in Long Island Railroad history of 41%.

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