The MTA Subways/Buses Are Killing Us All With The Coronavirus


Just think… How can NYC get the Coronavirus virus under control if mass transit is still moving a considerable amount of people? NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo has stated the transportation system is remaining open to transport “essential workers” to their locations, but is this really true? Continue reading

Mass Transit = Mass Transmission 🦠


Yes, Governor Cuomo, President Trump is doing a horrible job at leading us through this crisis and you are becoming the face of the response effort for the nation. It has become clear that the president’s main concern is the economic recovery rather than mitigating the effects of the health crisis. Continue reading

No MTA, Employee Safety is NOT Your Priority Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words!!!

When you look up the word “priority” in the dictionary, you will find that it means “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.” In an email to supervision regarding an upcoming Coronavirus online information session being held by the MTA, the phrase “The safety of our employees is our first priority” was used. Every time I hear an MTA spokesperson or member of upper management use that phrase I feel a burning rage inside my chest because this is the biggest lie they will tell you.

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NYPD Insert MTA Service Suspension Contingency Plan. Will Mass Transit Stop Running?

NYPD Document

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak we have seen many events get cancelled as a result. All professional sports teams have cancelled their seasons, Governor Cuomo has banned events that would have more than 500 people including the St. Patricks Day Parade, even Mayor De Blasio has ordered restaurants to cut their capacity by 50%.

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