Subway Steel Dust: A Gaping Hole In Public Health Research.


A decade later, there is still no clear answer, and plans for further research in the world’s second-largest subway system (only London’s Tube has more miles of track) have been blocked by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. While the Columbia study found that subway workers were not being exposed to toxic steel dust and other pollutants above federal workplace safety limits, there could still be dangers.

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John Samuelsen Gave Himself A 10% $24,970 Raise From 2014-2016 As TWU International VP Topping His Salary To Whopping $267,696


While TWU local 100 members  were waiting for their 2012 contract to be settled, President John Samuelsen devised a plan to stall out contract negotiations which affected over 38,000 members until he found a way to get elected as International Vice President. Continue reading