Progressive Action Radio


Progressive Action Radio feat. Sylvester Brown and Anthony Staley


Progressive Action interviewed Bus Driver Sylvester Brown about his debacles he has faced with TWU Division Chair of MTA Surface union rep Willie Rivera and management. Read more…Mr. Brown claims on Willie Rivera range from everything from harassment, intimidation to malfeasance. Mr. Brown has actually won a stress and anxiety case against the MTA due to being harassed by management and plans to sue. Anthony Staley (stations department) stopped back by the show to update us on the situation with the trash bags that is making the workers sick. This is another must listen show! Beware, you are about to be informed!


Progressive Action Radio feat. Jack Desena and Marjorie Johnson


Another informative and powerful Progressive Action show with special guests Jack Desena and Marjorie Johnson, both of MTA Bus, and with well over 25 years of active service. These members were “railroaded” by TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen and his team. Jack and Marjorie failure of “going along to get along” inside the Samuelsen administration resulted in them getting removed from the union through a “kangaroo court” proceeding, which many considered unethical, unprincipled and even fraudulent. This show also focuses on the harassment, intimidation and incompetence of the elected officer of the Division Chair of MTA Surface. This elected union rep has a reputation to threaten members off and online, use derogatory slurs to describe union members, and put the private business/matters of members on the internet. All these actions are undoubtedly supported by TWU local 100 president John Samuelsen and even encouraged. This type of ineptitude must come to an end and shouldn’t be tolerated by the membership. Its time for the members to wake up, stand up and hold all of our elected reps responsible for their actions and take back our union!


Progressive Action Radio feat. Harry Wills


Progressive Action had its most critical interview to date with Mr. Harry Wills (former Chief of Staff under the John Samuelsen Admin) involving the current leadership of TWU local 100. A lot of issues was discussed that can affect every MTA worker. This is another must listen show!


Progressive Action Radio feat. NYS Assembly Man Charles Barron


Progressive Action had a real and honest sit-down with New York State Assembly Man Charles Barron to discuss everything from the solvency of NYS to race relations in America. This show is a MUST listen!


Progressive Action Radio Feat. Joe Campbell and John McCarthy


Progressive Action radio sat down with Joe Campbell and John McCarthy to discuss the debate between Roger Toussaint and Steve Downs and current issues revolving TWU local 100. Mr. McCarthy a member of local 100 since 1979 recalls the differences between the 1980 strike and the 2005 strike and what drove the two. This show is a must listen and is very informative!


Progressive Action feat. Moe Olivier


This week we had NYC Public School teacher of 18 years Moe Olivier on Progressive Action to about education, politics, capitalism, child support, gentrification, being pro Black, monogamy and a host of other things….


Progressive Action Radio feat. The Roger Toussaint and Steve Downs debate


This is the infamous showdown between former TWU local 100 President Roger Toussaint vs current TWU local 100 Chief of staff Steve Downs. This debate will go down as one to remember as these two men spared on issues new and old! This is a show that you wouldn’t want to skip out on and you must listen in its entirety as it provides a lot of information for members who may be in the dark about a few issues.


Progressive Action Show Feat. Lloyd Archer and Anita Clinton


Retired bus operator Lloyd Archer stopped by the Progressive Action radio show to discuss some issues that plagues the job. The information he gave was very informative and direct! Everyone needs to hear this interview!!! Some of the issues that he touched on were the lack of swing rooms in TA surface and how John Samuelsen had them closed, Oa/Ta consolidation, the closing of 126st depot, his feelings on the union and O/A the officers involved, what to expect in the next contract negotiations, the 2005 strike, his feelings on TWU local president John Samuelsen, vision zero, true unionism, discipline and many other topics!


Progressive Action Feat. Anita Clinton and John Simino


-Our topics of conversation were about the Executive Board. -The women’s committee past and present. -About the first hand experience to be a female in a male dominated workforce. -Her thoughts on the current administration and where they went wrong. -Her thoughts on The MTA and the racial discrimination within. -We expressed our thoughts on the upcoming contract talks. -John and Anita gave a firsthand account of The history of the new directions and how long it took to rise to power. And all the key players in it.


Progressive Action Feat. Anthony Staley Pt. 2


This is the second installment with stations cleaner Anthony Staley and wow what a show! This show touches on…. – Being Pro Black and hated for it – Caucasians using African American movements to further their political endeavors – Why Blacks can’t be racist – Progressive Action contract demands – The women’s committee – Election corruption – Why is education important – The discipline manual and the discipline system – Is cleaners positions MTA dumping ground? – Why tactics from the 60s will not work today and why it needs to change.


Progressive Action Radio Show feat. Anthony Staley


Progressive Action talked with MTA cleaner Anthony Staley shop steward of TWU Local 100 for 21 years on the issues of discrimination in MTA throughout his department and the rest of the agency, how he feels about TWU local 100, the job of a shop steward, the discipline and the disciplinary manual that the managers supposed to follow, the duty of station agents and the MTA plans of station agents of the future, weingarten rights, cleaners and their wage progression etc…. Tune In!


Progressive Action Radio Show feat. Joe Campbell PT 2


Progressive Action interviewed Joe Campbell for PT2 of their intense discussion on MTA discipline, Labor relations, national politics, the financial state TWU Local 100, 90s union history compared to now, accountability of elected reps being available, NJ Transit, Friedrichs vs California Teachers Assoc. and many other topics!


Progressive Action Show Feat. Joe Campbell


Interview with Transport Workers United own Joe Campbell. Pt. 1


Progressive Action Show Feat. Roger Toussaint

Roger Toussaint answers questions regarding on why he went on strike, What he thinks about the current administration, What he thinks about tier 6, Does he think the MTA is racist, How he feels about former Mayor Bloomberg calling the strikers of Local 100 thugs, Is this current union in trouble, Does he has anything good to say about John Samuelson, How he feel about LIRR and Metro North and a gang of other things you must hear!


Progressive Action Show feat. Crystal Young and Berlinda Peek


Progressive Action show with Chair Woman of local 100 conductors/towers division Crystal Young and Berlinda Peek.