NYC union workers stand with refugees, EXCEPT Local 100 President John Samuelsen at Battery Park protest. Does he secretly support Trump?


Hundreds of New Yorkers poured into lower Manhattan Sunday afternoon in a show of solidarity with immigrants and refugees seeking entry into the United States – and many of the city’s union workers were among them.

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“The New York Transit Contract Struggle”- STEVE DOWNS predicting the failure of the Samuelsen administration


A LONGTIME MEMBER of the New Directions (ND) caucus in Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100, and currently a supporter of the Rank and File Advocate newspaper produced by concerned members of ND, New York subway train operator Steve Downs was interviewed for Against the Current by Samuel Farber. This interview was completed shortly after the ratification of the new bus and subway union contract.

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TWU’s LOSS was ATU’s GAIN. Roger Toussaint helps out ATU local 689 with major safety issues.


Jeter, Thomas and Roger Toussaint, former President of TWU Local 100 and former New York City Transit track worker; Toussaint moderated the press conference. photo by Chris Garlock

Thomas Trap, a track inspector for Metro – the problem-ridden D.C. subway and flagship of the nation’s second-busiest transit system – was fired on Jan. 4. The fact that he was a whistleblower and spoke at a press conference yesterday about Metro’s lack of a “safety culture” may not be a coincidence. Trap’s firing highlights the continuing struggle over who is ultimately responsible for safety on the subway and in the buses of the nation’s capital, despite federal reports and independent studies that reveal Metro managers have a longtime history of putting safety last.  Continue reading

John Samuelsens “Dog & Pony Show” – Harry Wills


Our Union hand delivered the demands to the MTA. What was the purpose of writing them on sticky notes and attaching them on a wall at 2 Broadway? Is the expectation the MTA negotiations committee will come downstairs and read them on the wall? As stated on the Local’s website. It was for dramatic effect. Drama will not win us a contract. Victory loves preparation! It is painfully obvious zero planning was made to win a contract for the membership. Continue reading

TWU members lost a significant raise due to John Samuelsen stalling the 2012 contract negotiations and getting us a 5 year contract – Letter inside


The MTA lead negotiator Anita Miller receives 2016 contract demands from TWU President John Samuelsen.

In 2012 the MTA was offering us an 8% raise… When Samuelsen ran to Gov. Cuomo in 2014 to get us a contract, we got that same 8% that always been on the table… Which means local 100 members lost a significant amount of money and ultimately received 2 ZEROS because of Samuelsen being self serving. Continue reading

TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen exposed! ATU President Larry Hanley writes a fiery letter to TWU International President Lomabardo. [Letter Inside]


ATU International President Lawrence “Larry” Hanley wrote a scathing letter to TWU International President Harry Lombardo in response to Lombardo’s letter about ATU rep Ed Watt appearing on the Progressive Action show, where Lombardo seemed to be defending John Samuelsen. Continue reading