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Savior Of Cuts In Stations Dept. May Lie In This Federal Act.

With a projected completed roll out of the MTA’s new contactless fare payment system — OMNY by 2023 and the MTA’s 2019-2022 Financial Plan calling for booth reductions throughout the system; grim, bleak and uncertain are the words describing the sentiment many of the rank and file members within the Department of Subways – Stations Department are feeling about their […]

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MTA Engages In Unlawful FMLA Practices.

Throughout the Summer of 2019, depot management in the Department of Buses began posting a “policy” (pictured below) at various depot locations outlining a new requirement for submitting a doctor’s note upon returning from each instance of FMLA. The policy, written on a New York City Transit letterhead requires that employees who utilize intermittent leave under FMLA for themselves must […]

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KRONOS: Violates Taylor Law in Dept. of Buses and RTO.

As a result of an emotionally fired decision at an emergency MTA Board meeting, the MTA inked a $36 million contract with Kronos, Inc. to install biometric time clocks throughout the agency. Due to its demoralizing nature, transit workers in all departments have expressed serious opposition against the biometric clocks as this new procedure requires an employee to scan their […]

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How TWU Local 100 Suppresses the Vote

As you may know, we at Progressive Action challenged the conduct of the 2018 TWU Local 100 elections. We did this on the basis that many people did not receive a ballot, while also receiving campaign literature from the Stand United slate, who currently occupies many elected union offices including the presidency and thus controls the balloting procedures.

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TWU Wage Demands Fall Short Of Expectations.

On July 9th, 2019, RTO Executive Board member, Evangeline Byars released an Executive Board report with an update regarding the status of our current contract’s negotiation. Within the 29 minute clip floating around the Facebook social media platform, Ms. Byars revealed that the Local President, Anthony Utano did not in fact demand a particular percentage in wage increases but instead […]

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Amidst Public Outrage, MTA Board Approves More Wasteful Spending.

On May 24th, 2019 many transit workers learned that NYCT had appointed a new FMLA administrator. This new company, WorkPartners will take over many of the duties performed by the BSC. Once fully live, WorkPartners will handle the processing of all new and open FMLA applications, answering any FMLA related questions and handle all FMLA leave requests, employees will no […]

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Contract Talk: Lies. Greed. Misery.

Don’t be fooled by all of the media coverage. The MTA is far from broke. The NY Post recently published an article talking about how we need to giveback to the MTA by contributing more to our medical. In 2018 the MTA put together a proposed budget for 2019-2021. Within that budget, the MTA is banking on the union to accept 2% raises for each year to meet their expectations. In order to push this agenda, they have published a series of bogus financial plans that are far from their true financial position. Looking at the most recent financial statement it actually turns out that the MTA has a net worth of $4.748 BILLION dollars, even after factoring in ALL […]

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Hi, I’m Ben Valdes and I am running for train operator chair on the Progressive Action slate with Tramell Thompson who is running for president of TWU Local 100. I think it’s pretty clear to any train crew member that the MTA doesn’t care at all about our health and safety. While they have no moral obligation to care about […]

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Shut down the MAC!

Hi, I’m Ben Valdes and I am running for train operator chair on the Progressive Action slate with Tramell Thompson who is running for president of TWU Local 100. In Andy Byford’s plan to rescue the subway he stated that something bold must be done; little tweaks here and there aren’t going to cut it. The same goes for my […]

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Employees who work long hours have a higher risk of stroke than those working standard hours – Study

Summary Background Long working hours might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but prospective evidence is scarce, imprecise, and mostly limited to coronary heart disease. We aimed to assess long working hours as a risk factor for incident coronary heart disease and stroke. Methods We identified published studies through a systematic review of PubMed and Embase from inception to Aug […]