Samuelsen Helps Cuomo Sell Out MTA Workers So Cuomo Can Give Favorable Contract To The CSEA.


Governor Andrew Cuomo sprang his announcement of a five-year contract agreement with the state’s largest union on Tuesday afternoon—the last possible moment to win legislative approval of the deal so checks can start going out to union members. But he publicly released no details of what he was about to ask lawmakers to approve before they end their session today. Continue reading

Subway Steel Dust: A Gaping Hole In Public Health Research.


Is what we know now good enough?

Almost ten years ago, 21-year-old Columbia University undergraduate David Epstein stood at the gaping entrance to the West 116th Street subway station in uptown Manhattan, a large backpack slung across his shoulders. The backpack looked normal enough from the outside, but inside it housed a customized, portable pump that could filter tiny metal particles from the surrounding air. Armed and ready, Epstein started down the stairs to begin an eight-hour scientific mission to gauge how polluted the air in New York City’s subway stations really is. Continue reading