How the MTA treats their heroes (by denying FMLA for childcare)


This week the MTA decided to label the majority of our positions as “emergency responders.” No, not for the purposes of giving us hazard pay, unlimited sick leave, a 22 and out pension, or even the right to skip the line at grocery stores. No, they did it out of pure selfishness for the sole purpose of denying workers job-protected leave to care for their children during the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

No MTA, Employee Safety is NOT Your Priority Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words!!!

When you look up the word “priority” in the dictionary, you will find that it means “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.” In an email to supervision regarding an upcoming Coronavirus online information session being held by the MTA, the phrase “The safety of our employees is our first priority” was used. Every time I hear an MTA spokesperson or member of upper management use that phrase I feel a burning rage inside my chest because this is the biggest lie they will tell you.

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