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Ben Valdes for Train Operator Chair 5

Shut down the MAC!

Hi, I’m Ben Valdes and I am running for train operator chair on the Progressive Action slate with Tramell Thompson who is running for president of TWU Local 100. In Andy Byford’s plan to rescue the subway he stated that something bold must be done; little tweaks here and there aren’t going to cut it. The same goes for my […]

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Employees who work long hours have a higher risk of stroke than those working standard hours – Study

Summary Background Long working hours might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but prospective evidence is scarce, imprecise, and mostly limited to coronary heart disease. We aimed to assess long working hours as a risk factor for incident coronary heart disease and stroke. Methods We identified published studies through a systematic review of PubMed and Embase from inception to Aug […]

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Samuelsen Helps Cuomo Sell Out MTA Workers So Cuomo Can Give Favorable Contract To The CSEA.

Governor Andrew Cuomo sprang his announcement of a five-year contract agreement with the state’s largest union on Tuesday afternoon—the last possible moment to win legislative approval of the deal so checks can start going out to union members. But he publicly released no details of what he was about to ask lawmakers to approve before they end their session today.

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Subway Steel Dust: A Gaping Hole In Public Health Research.

A decade later, there is still no clear answer, and plans for further research in the world’s second-largest subway system (only London’s Tube has more miles of track) have been blocked by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. While the Columbia study found that subway workers were not being exposed to toxic steel dust and other pollutants above federal workplace safety limits, […]