City releases Civil Service exam schedule for June


The city’s Department of Administrative Services (DCAS) has released its examination schedule for June.

Open, competitive, computer-based tests will be administered throughout the month for positions such as Child Protective Specialist, Correction Officer, Environmental Police Officer, School Safety Agent, Special Officer and Traffic Enforcement Safety Agent.

The city of New York employs hundreds of thousands of people in its 80 agencies.

Taking a test is the way to get started in the highly competitive hiring process for most of these positions. Application fees range from $40 to $101.

For more information about registering for these and other tests, log on to the DCAS website.

The following is a list of things to know when taking an exam at a DCAS Computer-based Testing and Applications Center (CTAC).

  • Electronic devices, including cell phones, are not permitted in the testing areas.
  • Check the Notice of Examination for the test you will be taking to see if calculators are permitted.
  • If you are requesting a fee waiver, you must provide a copy of acceptable documentation. DCAS staff cannot make copies of your documentation.
  • Seating is limited. Once the CTAC is filled to capacity, no more candidates will be admitted.
  • You are encouraged to apply and schedule yourself to take a test earlier in the month since there is generally more seating available at these times.
  • You may not have any other person, including children, present with you while you are applying for, being processed for, and/or taking a test, and no one may wait for you inside a CTAC.

Testing centers are located at 2 Lafayette St. in Manhattan and 210 Joralemon St. in Brooklyn.

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