Gov. Cuomo and John Samuelsen make a pact, TWU local 100 members are in serious trouble.

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The future of TWU local 100 is officially in limbo if the state senate approves Gov. Cuomo’s nomination of John Samuelsen to serve on the MTA board.

This is a classic case of “sleeping with the enemy”. John Samuelsen, TWU’s local 100 President has been nominated by Governor Cuomo for the vacant spot on the MTA board, which must now be approved by the state senate. 

Cuomo, no fan of giving transit workers a raise that will help them keep up with the rising costs in the city in which they live and work, will now be the official puppet master of John Samuelsen. Samuelsen, a man who has proven time and time again to have no backbone to stand up against Gov. Cuomo nor MTA, will now be in bed with them.

John Samuelsen, the man responsible for the mass layoffs in 2012, increasing healthcare costs to 2%, happily accepting tier 6, not doing anything about the excessive discipline of transit workers and many other things, will now be putting workers livelihoods at risk even more. Members who may not be informed, will probably see this as a great thing for our union President to be on the inside, but when you look at Samuelsen’s history, he doesn’t possess a resistant or fighting bone in his body.

Transit workers, already lacking behind in cost of living increases, wages and health care benefits compared to LIRR, Metro North and other uniformed city agencies, will take a huge hit if this goes through.  During the ratification of the last contract presented to transit workers in 2014, Samuelsen was quoted as saying, “The MTA is a vital part of this city and I am pleased to present a contract to the membership that recognizes their hard work, dedication, and service. I commend the hand of partnership extended by Governor Cuomo and I appreciate his leadership in helping bridge the divide and bring us to this contract agreement.”

The last contract didn’t nearly represent the hard work or dedication transit workers continuously provide. Many workers whom have to wait at least 10 years before having weekends off and 15  years before getting a summer vacation were disappointed with the last contract. One worker was quoted as saying “where is the money?” when this article was being published.

Samuelsen has a habit of lying to people who doesn’t know any better, and will never fetch questions from the members directly, especially in an open forum. Samuelsen has showed TWU local 100 members time and time again that he has a better alliance with Gov. Cuomo, than the members he was elected to represent. I guess the saying is true, “if you can’t beat em, join em”.  The rank and file of local 100 is in serious trouble.

– Tramell Thompson

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One thought on “Gov. Cuomo and John Samuelsen make a pact, TWU local 100 members are in serious trouble.

  1. On the issue of a Local 100 president serving on the MTA Bd, there are sound reasons why Presidents don’t take those seats. Rubbing shoulders at the Bd a few times a month (committees, lunches etc) is bad practice. Just name someone to the seat instead. The Union President can appear before the Bd anytime to address any issue as needed. For Mr Samuelsen, this is about attention, the smell of power, access to contractors and vendors who stalk the Bd and the perks that come with being a state commissioner with State police privileges. For, it is an officially designated State Commissioner position. There is also a sound argument that there is both an ethical and potential legal conflict as a Bd member is a trustee of the MTA and is sworn by law, to make all decisions, NOT in the interests of the employees, but of the Authority. Union Presidents on the other hand are supposed to make decisions solely in the interests of the membership as a whole. So lawyers have always advised against what John Samuelsen is doing here. He has priorities of his own.


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