A look into TWU local 100 union reps salaries. Are they worthy of their hefty pay?


TWU local 100 has become a safe a haven for some reps to “run from their tools” and not fully support and engage with the members. In the interim of them neglecting members, they are pulling down some hefty salaries. 

We checked out the 2015 LM2’s, which discloses everything the union spends yearly from flowers to salaries.

Now it’s time to see if your union rep is worth their salary.

***Honorable mention: Latonya Crisp-Sauray: $143,783


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– Tramell Thompson

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One thought on “A look into TWU local 100 union reps salaries. Are they worthy of their hefty pay?

  1. Much can be said about these salaries. But, it was particularly interesting to hear Harry Wills recently tell us on on the Progressive Action public radio program, that when he (Harry Wills) was running as a candidate in the 2015 Local 100 elections, that John Samuelsen and Sec Treasurer Earl Phillips, met with him in October 2015 and offered him (Harry) a staff job to abandon the opposition slate. That would be a blatant quid pro quo offer. Which, under election rules, would have collapsed the opposition slate into individual candidates, losing all the advantages of slate votes in the elections. This confirms the blatant use of union $ and staff positions for personal gain and to advance their personal careers. More than an elections violation, such use is prohibited under the LMRDA and is potentially a criminal offense. That’s how staff salaries are being used under John Samuelsen’s administration.


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