Why TWU local 100 isn’t going to move forward until these things change. When will members finally wake up?


TWU local 100 members may know more about Lebron James contract than the contract for which they work, why is this cause for concern?

Lets be real, most of local 100 union members rarely thumb through their rulebook, let alone their contract or Memorandum Of Understanding to read it to become more knowledgeable and familiar about their career. 

There are 3 occasions when a worker will go to their rulebook….

  1. School Car/Fresh out of school car
  2. To study for promotion test
  3. To correctly fill out a G2 so they wouldn’t misconstrue a rule regarding discipline.

If thats the case with the rulebook, now imagine what its like for the contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people don’t have a contract in their possession. Sad, I know.

Currently, many MTA workers are having issues living in the city in which they serve. We have fell behind drastically in cost of living and health benefits, especially compared to NYPD, SDNY, FDNY, Corrections, LIRR and MNRR .

The reality is most of the workforce isn’t concerned with the nuisances or politics of the job, especially the new hires 40 and younger. The only time people are concerned is when they’re at 2 Broadway about to get their ass handed to them by management.


“Link and Drink” is a popular term used amongst the socialites of transit, where a desired location is picked and co-workers mix and mingle over cocktails and food. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it when there’s balance, but when discipline is at an all time high, jobs are being cut, can’t keep up with the cost of living, poor healthcare, oh did I say discipline (being sarcastic). Too much of something is never a good thing, thats a rule of nature and life.

Attending union meetings holding elected reps responsible and or forming groups to move the job forward would be more like it to bring balance… The majority of us are going to be here for no less than 25 years? At what point do you get involved? Lets keep it real, without a job how many people would be linking a drinking?

The way management is disciplining employees, it boggles me as to why this isn’t a priority to members.  For first offenses, people are getting 30 days and a final, thats insane.


You have co-workers who know all about Lebron contract, how much his nike deal is worth, the terms and conditions of the contract, his net worth, how many kids he got etc, but don’t know anything about the contract of their MTA job. Does that make sense? At what point does the job you’re going to be working for the next 25 years become a priority?


The MTA banks on people not being informed about the politics of their job… Just be to work on time, operate whatever you have to operate, no IOD’s and go home…

Now the union has adopted those same tactics. Pay your dues, ask little to no questions, vote for my slate, be grateful for any type of raise, be happy with discipline that doesn’t get you fired and continue to be sheep…

I’m not cool with that, are you?

Who is willing to do something about it?

When will all this foolery come to an end? What will it take for people to become more familiar with their job? We are only as strong as our weakest link but now there are too many weak links…

Three things need to change asap in order to move this union forward

  1. Members need to get more involved.
  2. Read your rulebook and contract faithfully.
  3. Hold elected reps responsible and make sure they do their job.

Its time to wake up!


– Tramell Thompson

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