Did you know you can be under MTA Surveillance and not be on sick control? Check out the “Surveillance Profile Worksheet” inside.


MTA Employees can be put under surveillance and not be on sick control.

Are MTA employees criminals or hard working citizens? Sometimes its hard to distinguish between the two when you take a look at some polices that are in place.

A career that comes with so many health hazards can put employees at risk to book off sick. Sick days which are earned on one hand, but almost forbidden to take on the other hand is kind of outrageous.

One thing the MTA fail to recognize is not every sickness requires a visit to your doctors office. In reality sometimes booking off sick means, I need a extra day in bed to rest and clear my head because of work related stress, or I didn’t get approved for my AVA that I put in for 20 days in advance and I want to chaperone my child on their school trip.

Nonetheless any of the latter can get you put under surveillance without being on sick control. If you look at some of these policies it would be hard to tell the difference between management and a parole office.

Also the MTA don’t come for you the first time you violate. They build a case against you to make the evidence irrefutable against you. So just because you got away with it one or twice doesn’t mean you are out in the clear.




– Tramell Thompson

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