MTA Politricks and Shenanigans… [Member Submitted]


Dear Family,

As I write this, I feel like that Kermit Meme where he is going in on the typewriter. My thoughts are coming faster than my hands are moving.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you.

On July 7, 2016, I was taken out of service for an incident I have no knowledge of.

Check this out….

On the above date, I worked E213. I made a 10:22 out Parsons to WTC. I completed the first round trip of the job. While on WAA, at approximately 15:21, I receive a call from RCC in regards to an alleged customer injury that occurred at Lexington Avenue/ 53rd Street Station. I was asked if I saw anything unusual and did anyone report anything to me at the station to which I replied no. They then spoke to my partner and asked the same questions, to which he, too replied no. We were told to write G-2’s to that affect.

According to RCC this is what happened:

A customer passed out on the platform at Lexington Avenue/53rd Street Station prior to our arrival. Allegedly, as we entered the station, the customer came in contact with the train resulting in a cut on the hand. This customer then boarded the train from Lexington Avenue to 42nd Street with said inured hand. The alleged injured customer then sought medical attention.

Here’s where shit gets kinky for me family. First, if you are injured, you mean to tell me that you’re going to ride three stations?

As result of this alleged incident, guess who had to go to the MAC to for a piss test and a breathalyzer? ME! Who had to go to 2 Broadway this morning? ME! My partner wore his G-2, had it faxed, then waited to go home. He’s not restricted, I AM! If we had hit someone, wouldn’t he have seen it before me? Just a question…..

I feel that something is wrong with that. what goes for one should go for all. I feel like I’m being targeted. But, it’s okay. Because as long as I have this poison pen, I will continue to write this printed ether until change comes.


Cheytan Acacia Synnesterra aka Lethal Ink


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One thought on “MTA Politricks and Shenanigans… [Member Submitted]

  1. Platform duty for you and the Train Operator. A package deal. Enjoy the working vacation and or via Legal Representation summoned that injured parties Name and Statement. You can expect the shaft by Union and Management.


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