The public employees fair employment act AKA The Taylor Law


The Taylor law is a statue that covers most public employees in New York State. It took effect on September 1, 1967. Most would say that the reason for its creation was because of the NYC Transit strike of 1966.

It was the first ever citywide transit strike, that cost the city millions in revenue, as well as the Authority which was controlled by NYC. TWU local 100 still has that power to shut down New York and create a major financial blow.

That’s why lawmakers called themselves basically protecting the money.

The only part of the law that is enforced is the fines and penalties against the striking union and it’s top officials.

There are other factors of that law that people need to be educated on and that’s:

  • it grants public employees the right to organize and have the choice of who to be represented by.




  • It provides for resolutions of collective bargaining disputes in the event of an impasse. In our case in New York State a resolution is Binding arbitration.


Now let’s go down memory lane to the 2005 Strike. People who was here who knows the facts know that The MTA was playing dirty by putting pension demands on the table. Amongst other things.

So why weren’t they penalized for breaking the law? It’s ok for the state to break the law but our union is called thugs for violating The law by Former mayor Bloomberg.

We lost dues check off, had to pay fines, and The TWU local 100 president at the time Roger Toussaint was jailed for 10 days. But what happened to the MTA at the time? NOTHING.

The membership needs to understand that the Governor whoever it is controls what is going on with the MTA, and PERB( public employment relations board). PERB is who were supposed to be able to run to to resolve issues with the MTA or if a member wants to sue the union for whatever reason. But I personally say have fun cause again the appointments to the agency are made by the governor.

To learn more about The Taylor law Google Nys civil service law Article 14. And visit


– Jermell Wilson

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