Sufficient recovery time off of trains and buses between trips. Why this seems to be ignored by management?


Recovery time seems to be often ignored and put a great amount of stress on operating crews.

How many times have you arrived to a terminal late and the dispatcher says “thats you to go”? Even with the allotted “comfort time” which is normally around 20 minutes thats not enough time off the train/bus especially on lines that has running time of 1 hour or more.

Not to mention at the end of some bus lines for example the B15, their are no swing rooms to even take a comfort or rest your legs. Bus drivers have to ask nearby business owners or the staff at Woodhull hospital can they use their bathrooms.

Even on the F train which normally has a running time of 1 hr 30 mins + each way shouldn’t be squeezed into an 8 hr work day. Thats little to no recovery time for crews.

The issue of no significant recovery time combined with no lunches is a recipe for a incident waiting to happen on the road.


Did you know that their is supposed to be a committee to study recovery time and its listed in the contract?  Read below…



My question is who is a part of this committee and how often do they meet if ever? In subways, schedules change all the time due to general orders an other things that  happens on the road daily this is something that should get addressed every pick.

I feel that sufficient recovery time should not be skipped out on any interval because it only takes one mistake for you to possibly lose your career.

Do you feel that your receive significant recovery time in between trips?



– Tramell Thompson

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