The union wants their conductors on the platform to do police work and deter crime.

In a bizarre way to help medically restricted conductors who are out of work due to “no work available” the union suggested to the MTA that conductors can be put on the platform to “curtail illegal activity”.

In a grievance filed by RTO Chair of conductors/towers Crystal Young in defense of  medically restricted conductors who are out of work, she suggested the move to the MTA in hopes they would bite.

Ms. Young also stated in the grievance how a conductor helped get a lady her bag back after “holding the assailant until police arrived on the scene”.

With assaults on the rise with transit employees, especially with conductors/bus operators, one would wonder why a union rep would suggest such a move.

Pete Donahue, the unions journalist admitted on the unions website that there are “more than 6 incidents of abuse a day on average – simply isn’t acceptable for any workforce, especially one serving the public”.

These numbers will quickly rise if the public begins to look at conductors as law enforcement. Conductors armed with only a safety vest, flashlight, escape mask & rulebook is in no position to do police work and also isn’t trained to do so.

With the recent rash of unpredictable Police killings throughout the country, one would wonder if the union is even in tune with current events. If people aren’t afraid to kill a cop, what do you think they will do to a unarmed conductor who is there to “curtail illegal activity”?

In the grievance the MTA stated to the union, “The Authority is not responsible for monitoring illegal activity or bringing assailants to justice”.

Thanks MTA for having our back more than our union.


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.13.14 PM


– Tramell Thompson

Instagram: ProgressiveAction

Twitter: ProgressiveAct



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  1. Samuelse’s brain must finally shrunk to a sunflower seed size. Since I started by MTA the union gave systematically jobs, quality of work and our money away , raised the union dues and try now to make for their short commings up, with this stupid and dangerous idea! Really Samuelsen, if your job would be in a privat company, you would be fired


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