Employee Recognition Programs


Once upon a time in the Department of Buses in transit, management gave recognition to bus operators that achieved a safe driving record. That’s right there were actually award ceremonies held at specific locations, and operators were allowed to pull off the road to attend. Only if you were getting an award of course.

Awards were given out to members that had at least 5 years all the way up to 20 years of safe driving. They gave out awards, rings, watches with diamonds in them, and belt buckles. And If you had an accident as long as you were not at fault you remained in the running to receive an award.

I bring up something from the past like this because it was a nice way to relate to labor, and it motivated operators to remain accident free. Also, the program was put in the contract by past administrations, and it technically is still there.

Those ceremonies has not existed in a long time, since I’ve been around on the job it’s been reduced down to safety jackets being given out, and a long 8 foot hero sandwich in the swing room. But even those things aren’t done anymore.

Why is that?

If bus operators didn’t get into collisions, customer knock downs, or even fatalities then what would a lot of people in transit that have their jobs because of the discipline system do?

What would the people at 2 Broadway do that deal with discipline all day?

Would they even have a job?




– Jermell Wilson

Instagram: ProgressiveAction

Twitter: ProgressiveAct

Email: ProgressiveAction100@gmail.com

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