fire booth

Taken straight from a scene out of the movie Money Train, last night at the Nostrand Ave station on the 3 line, someone put gasoline into a token booth opening and lit it on fire in an attempt to rob the booth. The perpetrator got away.

The station agent wasn’t seriously hurt, but was taken to King County hospital.

Section Chair Mooney was on the scene to give assistance to the station agent.

Mooney reached out to Vice President  Derick Echevarria, Chair Joe Burmudez and Recording Secretary Lynwood Whichard, but no one has called back to check on the status of the station agent. It’s has been over 16 hours and still no activity from the union.

Mooney in turn reached out to former division chair of stations Jamel Chisolm for assistance, in which she obliged.

Everyone need to be safe out there and protect yourself at all ti me. It’s obvious as TA workers we are all under attack. Most of this stuff makes the news until there’s a fatality.

Also, the only time union reps seemed to be concerned is when cameras are flashing and they want a little bit of exposure to give the illusion that they care.

This is another example of why we need better reps who actually care about the members.

This station agent will be on Progressive Action in the near future.


– Tramell Thompson

Instagram: ProgressiveAction

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