Is there an specific threat against the NYC Transit system? Check out the bulletin inside.



Police checking packages at subway station before customer enter the subway system.

As seen in the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013 you really can’t tell the difference between “suspicious” or “attended” packages anymore. Honestly in todays time, any package that is unattended should automatically be marked suspicious because no one really knows the content of the package whether it contains a bomb, bio or chemical agents.

In prior practice when a package was left, RCC used to instruct train crews to take the package back to their position and give it to the dispatcher at the terminal.

Now the new procedure is to NOT touch, tamper,move or open the package. Call RCC,  move away from the package, isolate the area, wait and comply for instructions from RCC or NYPD. Also don’t use radio transmissions if possible.




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– Tramell Thompson

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