John Samuelsen Gave Himself A 10% $24,970 Raise From 2014-2016 As TWU International VP Topping His Salary To Whopping $267,696


While TWU local 100 members  were waiting for their 2012 contract to be settled, President John Samuelsen devised a plan to stall out contract negotiations which affected over 38,000 members until he found a way to get elected as International Vice President.

Samuelsen was in fear of bringing back a bad contract in 2012 and hurting his chances as being elected as the second in charge behind International President Harry Lombardo.

MTA’s lead negotiator Anita Miller made numerous attempts to get Samuelsen to sit at the table to get contract discussions underway, but he was a no show.

After Samuelsen successfully stalled contract negotiations for 2 years and eventually won the International VP position, he then ran to Governor Cuomo to get the members of Local 100 a contract.

For the First time in Local 100 history, the members received a 5 year contract (2012-2017) worth a dismal 8%. Workers average base salary went up to no more than 5k between 2012-2017. For example, a conductor base salary in 2012 was $57, 844 compared to $62,628 in 2017.

Only a $4,784 increase in 5 years where gentrification has run rampant and has steamed rolled many members out of NYC to live and raise their families.

Coincidentally, during that same time period Samuelsen didn’t have the same struggles he hand delivered to the members. When Samuelsen first became International VP in 2014, he received a salary of $242,726. Then in 2015 his salary went up $16,070 (6.5%) to an increase of $258,796. Finally, last year Samuelsen salary went up once again $8,900 (3.5%) to a whooping $267,696.

Meanwhile members were bamboozled to take 5% over 28 months vs John Samuelsens’s $24,970 (10%) increase over 24 months.

When members struggled to make ends meet and was forced to flee NYC, Samuelsen made sure him and his family in Gerritsen Beach wouldn’t face the same struggles his members faced.

With a salary of $267,696/yr you can almost live anywhere in America and raise a family comfortably.

With the Average Base Salary of the majority of the members he represents barely hitting 70K, you would be lucky to find a place to live in NYC to live comfortably, especially when you have a family.

Don’t let let that go over your head, because it obviously went over Samuelsen’s head and all his supporters.

2014 LM2

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 6.35.11 PM

2015 LM2

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.47.22 PM

2016 LM2

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.47.41 PM

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