NYPD Insert MTA Service Suspension Contingency Plan. Will Mass Transit Stop Running?

NYPD Document

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak we have seen many events get cancelled as a result. All professional sports teams have cancelled their seasons, Governor Cuomo has banned events that would have more than 500 people including the St. Patricks Day Parade, even Mayor De Blasio has ordered restaurants to cut their capacity by 50%.

Up until now this is the first document that has surfaced about a plan of NYC mass transit being suspended. The NYPD has pulled out a contingency plan that was used during the 2005 Transit strike by TWU Local 100. This plan calls for commercial vehicles to be barred from river crossings between the hours of 0500 and 1100, private vehicles with less than 4 occupants aren’t allowed to enter roadways that enter Manhattan between 0500 and 1100 Monday through Friday.

DC Metro was the first transit company in the US to announce coronavirus service cuts to curtail the spread of the illness. Many people are in heavy debate over if NYC should suspend service in order to have better containment of the coronavirus. So far there has not been any word by any official on suspending or curtailing of service.

Should the bus and train service be suspended in NYC due to the coronavirus, what do you think?

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